Passive overtakes active
In Q1 2022, passive index fund assets officially overtook active managers for the first time. ETFs offer a simple and cheap way to invest for most people. As an investor, an excellent way to profit from this trend is to own $BLK and $SPGI

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It makes a lot more sense to go with passive index funds over actively managed index funds, since 80% (from what I’ve read) can’t co distantly beat the market. Finally I can say I am proud of retail investors!
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@wall_street_deebo Yes, that's the crazy part, most active funds don't deliver any value, but take the management fee nonetheless. Good development in recent years that so many people learned about passive investing.
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The vast majority of investors don't need an actively managed fund. It's just a way to squeeze some money from them to have a return that, most of the time, is lower than $SPY

Unfortunately, in my experience, most banks try to lure account holders into investing in some fund (issued/managed by the bank itself) with a >1% annual fee.
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@stock.owl Unfortunately most people don't know any better, but times are changing. There is so much educational material on investing out there. The younger generation will not fall into the fee trap again.