$NET - Cloudflare Announces D1: The First Integrated Database for the Workers Serverless Platform
$NET - announced Cloudflare D1, an instant, straightforward serverless database.

Cloudflare D1 will enable developers to build database-backed applications using Cloudflare Workers with just a few clicks. Data will be stored close to where their users are, providing lightning-fast performance without any of the complexities of installing or managing a traditional database.

Unlike other databases on the market, Cloudflare D1 will use Cloudflare’s global network to optimize a business’s database by locating it as close as possible to their customers, providing the fastest possible experience to users. Additionally, by pairing storage solutions with Cloudflare’s serverless compute platform, Cloudflare is streamlining the developer experience for building full-stack applications. Cloudflare D1 will be compatible with the SQLite API—one of the most popular and broadly used API’s in the world. With Cloudflare D1, developers will be able to:
  • Intelligently locate data wherever your users are: With Cloudflare D1, there is no need to pick a region. Instead, Cloudflare will automatically store your database wherever your users are, resulting in lightning-fast performance.
  • Quickly spin up a database with Cloudflare Workers: No need to figure out complex databases; just create a Cloudflare Worker and spin up a database in a few clicks.
  • Import data from other providers to Cloudflare: With Cloudflare D1, developers can move data from other database providers seamlessly.
  • Unlock the power and scale of Cloudflare Workers within their applications: Cloudflare D1 is fully integrated with Cloudflare Workers, making building full-stack applications incredibly easy.
  • Slash their data transfer fees: Cloudflare’s goal is to make Cloudflare D1 the least expensive option for a secure and straightforward database for developers. Cloudflare will not charge data transfer fees, allowing developers to move data between services quickly.

THIS IS BIG. I AM going to deep dive!
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