"The Market" Stock Pitching Game is this Saturday!
Mark your calendars! The next round of "The Market" stock pitching game will be on this Saturday August 8th at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST.

Come meet other smart investors and discuss investing ideas live over Zoom in an engaging game format!

The winner will receive a free annual subscription to Stockcard.io (courtesy of Hoda @hmehr) a $149 value.

The best audience question will also win a prize: a free month of 7Investing.

This month's theme: Companies under $12 billion in market cap

We have an awesome lineup of pitchers:

Rihard Jarc @rihardjarc
Amit Gupta @amit
Gaurav Kotak @gkotak
Austin Andrews @andrews_investors
Gaurav Mishra @gmishra

You can sign up to attend here: https://lu.ma/jqyctr6r

Join "The Market" group channel on Commonstock to follow along as we track the pitches from previous games.
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Nathan Worden's avatar

We're still looking for one more pitcher- any of you interested in doing a pitch?
Investor from Nepal 🎄's avatar
Seems interesting, might join to pitch $U
Rachel Wolitzky's avatar
@nathanworden not sure I’m up for it this week but if I hit up any interesting earnings calls, maybe. Also I’d have to investigate market cap cause no idea what’s under 12B :)
Nathan Worden's avatar
No worries! Yeah $12 billion market cap really narrows it down. Will be interested to hear about your favorite earnings calls this season :)
Nathan Worden's avatar
Woah, I just looked up Unity- I forgot that they were already a $29 billion market cap. I'd love to hear someone pitch it. I think a future Market Game we will specifically have a gaming theme. Looking forward to that!