An unexpected update on Avatar 2 box office sales

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Last weekend, I saw Avatar 2 (again) in IMAX 3D (again). Though I wasn't able to replicate the amazing feelings I had from watching the movie for the first time, I will note that getting tickets for a movie that has been in theaters for over 3 weeks has been unusually tough. The theater was crowded and nearly everyone in the cinema went there to see Avatar 2.

From the box office chart perspective, even if we've seen a significant decay in daily box office sales, the film continues to generate $3 million+ in box office sales daily, which further emphasizes the staying power of the film.

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When looking back at Avatar 1, the film performed stronger during that same period after its inception with daily box office sales amounting to over $4.5 million. This can be seen in the chart below.

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Noteworthy developments:

Other things to consider:
  • Box Office Mojo notes: "The Way of Water could realistically end up as the holiday weekend’s second best gross ever for a non-opener, a claim currently held by The Revenant with $37.5 million for the four-day (that was the film’s second weekend).

  • Variety notes that Avatar 2 and Puss in Boots 2 will get rare permission from the Chinese government to extend their theatrical release in the country. Normally, foreign films have 30 days in Chinese theaters but this time, they can stay longer. This extension is highly unusual as this overlaps the Chinese Lunar New Year, which happens to be a day when theaters generate huge profits.

  • Forbes notes that Avatar 2 has a high likelihood of generating more box office sales than Spiderman: No Way Home, which currently holds the title of the film with the highest box office sales since the pandemic.

  • Yahoo notes that Avatar 2 is likely to surpass the first Avatar movie's box office sales in France while already doubling the box office sales of Spiderman: No Way Home in Germany and generating $25 million more box office sales than Spiderman: No Way Home in South Korea.

From a bigger-picture perspective, this is how well Avatar 2 has performed at the box office compared to other popular films. Who knows, maybe Avatar 2 will act similarly to Frozen 2, which generated a lot more box office sales than its first movie, Frozen.

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Cool to hear from someone who is keeping an eye on theater attendance (and going and seeing the film in person again). Top notch reporting.
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Permission from the Chinese to extend the theatrical release is a big deal!



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