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Learning overrated, experience underrated.
The brutal honest truth about learning, is that despite all we can read & re-sharing the “learnings”.

The best way to learn is to actually just do it, experience it, & internalize the actual failures & success into your own learnings.

Nothing truly beats that.
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So much of “learning” is never internalized because it wasn’t truly experienced.

If a lesson doesn’t resonate, if it isn’t reflected on, then it wasn’t truly learned.

Great point!
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@nathanworden as much as we can “learn” by reading, if it is not really internalized, reflected and experienced, more often than not, it is eventually forgotten. Learning and as you said resonatingbis so crucial.
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It’s easy to read the principles of famous investors. Much harder to execute them in real life.
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@investedthought absolutely. It’s their actions more than words that lead to results that really matters.