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The #FederalReserve is likely pausing rate hikes, the #DebtCeiling will get resolved (always has, ignore the political theater), with these headwinds subsiding, it's starting to look like a #BullMarket
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Porchester 🔺's avatar
Porchester 🔺
@porchesterMay 22
I wouldn't be so sure on the rate hikes.... I wouldn't be shocked to see another one or two by year end.
TickerTools's avatar
@tickertoolsMay 22Author
@porchester I wouldn't disagree and when you think about how we have 6-5 months left in the year at that point; we could end the year on a good note potentially.

Interestingly, interest rates are right around where they were pre-Great Recession (2007-08). There was a lot of concern from economists around keeping zero interest rates for too long because what we saw with Japan being stuck in a liquidity trap. Seems we don't need to worry about that anymore though!
Edmund Simms's avatar
Edmund Simms
@porchester I'm with you on that, Porch. Another couple wouldn't surprise me.
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