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Earnings so far…
Better than I expected. A lot better than I expected. That’s how I’m gonna describe my earning reports for my companies so far. Some weren’t stellar but some were. Over the next couple of days I’ll have thoughts and reports out on each it’s been a crazy week lol. 4 companies reporting in the last 24 hours is exciting lol. Airbnb, Starbucks, PayPal and CVS all reported. I’m excited about all 4. But there’s one more to go this week and it’s the one I’m most scared about. Lucid. Reporting after hours today. Wish me luck! Can I go 5/5 with them reporting good results as well
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Good luck man i'm excited to see how Lucid does.
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@seasnar there’s only one number that matters to me. Sure eps and revenue and how many cars they delivered and the actual financials matter but it’s guidance. They cannot guide down again. They have to reiterate guidance. If they guide down they will be killed. And no excuses you can’t have supply chain problems anymore
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I’m kind of disappointed that most of the earnings have been beats. I like taking advantage of the price drops that come with an earnings miss.

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@wall_street_deebo I 100 percent agree with that luckily i think Airbnb will continue down so I can add happily there. Starbucks and CVS I have no problem with adding whatever the price unfortunately it’s higher lol but it is what it is. PayPal killed it and deserves to sky rocket. I’ll play the 3 day rule there before I consider adding of course . But your right I would love a beat and drop in price. Everybody was expecting terrible results from all these companies that’s why it’ll go up for now
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@christian7621 can you expand on the 3 day rule? It sounds pretty self explanatory, but I’m curious why 3 days specifically?
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@sidnistandard it’s a strategy you use after earnings. It basically means you wait 3 days before you buy or sell a stock that just reported. This is for the market to settle and for the stock to settle. If a stock rises crazy of earnings then it probably means in 3 days it’ll be lower or vice versa. You don’t have to use this just for earnings either, can use it for breaking news on a stock too
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@christian7621 ty!!
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@sidnistandard I see your a fellow Starbucks shareholder. Happy to have you
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Good luck for Lucid!