Quick Note about $PINS recent earnings
Pinterest stock jumped as of their most recent earnings report and I think it's for some really great reasons.

First, $PINS Revenue was up 18% Y/Y...

Despite Monthly Active Users being down 9%.

This surge in revenue was due to Pinterest's ability to continually grow the Average Revenue Per User.

Also, $PINS net loss was significantly lower than last year's loss as well as a lower percentage of the revenue generated, a killer combination.

Overall $PINS continues to grow revenue and lower losses consistently in the face of lower users, presumably from the pandemic surge. I continue to have high hopes for the company as a standalone entity and as a solid acquisition target.
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Really good stuff here! Thank you! Who do you think is best posed for that acquisition?
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@django_brooks Personally lean towards $PYPL myself but would also love to see a company like $EBAY float an offer.
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The whole Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok debate is really fascinating. Whilst Pinterest may be more of a consumption-centric platform, I used to use it for passive scrolling, but now IG has Reels, I tend to use that more and have been neglecting Pinterest a little.

I think at this price level $AMZN could be interested in buying $PINS because they are the big e-commerce player that lacks the social element. I hear a lot about how people find items they like on Pinterest and then go to Amazon to buy it. Seems like it’d be valuable to both if they merged.

Like @django_brooks I too would like to know who you think is in the position for such an acquisition?
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@joeyhirendernath I really liked the idea of $PYPL buying them, seems like there we're a lot of synergies there. I also wouldn't be surprised to see $EBAY attempt to acquire either.
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They key to the whole report is that MAU's are stabilizing on a MoM basis and that $PINS still has more than 400M MAUs.