TA and FA need each other - let’s get better together!
All Fundamental Analysis Experts need more training with Technical Analysis.

All Technical Analysis Experts need training with Fundamental Analysis.

Let’s work together to get better together. I’m the Technical Analysis guy as I need to get better about learning stock valuations.

Even if a company is trading at a discount, that does not mean it’s a good buying opportunity. Let the chart tell you when it makes sense to buy or not.

What resources did you start with to get better at valuing stocks appropriately?

Also please comment what would be helpful as a technical analyst. Would you be interested in trade ideas? Long term macro trend charts? Educational content on when I buy and when I don’t?

How can I help you get better with technical analysis?
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Hi Preston, welcome to Commonstock! Looking forward to seeing you around here and I appreciate your point that technical and fundamental investors have each have something to learn from one another. Do you have any favorite books on TA?
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@tomato Hey Joshua. Great question.
In all honesty, I have never read a book about the stock market or technical analysis. I learned by experience. I have spent years studying support/resistance lines, key candlestick patterns, stage analysis, bull/bear flags and pennants, etc. With more screen time, you start to see key trends.
I know a lot of technical analysts recommend “Trading in the Zone,” but I cannot give my opinion on it unfortunately.