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2022 was a brutal year for almost every asset class. While some forecasters or market gurus got it right (probably by predicting the same thing every year for the past 10 years), almost every Wall Street forecast I've seen got it wrong. But forecasters are skilled at sweeping their bad guesses under the rug. I'll give them that.

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Market and macro forecasts are shiny distractions from what matters in investing. My first post of 2023 is a short reinforcement to focus on what's important and knowable, and to ignore Wall Street and "expert" macro forecasts 👇🏽

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We enjoyed reading this.
Asking yourself "What's Knowable" whenever you're pondering an investment decision can really help separate the signal from the noise. Too often we're distracted by the noise, and spending too much time obsessing over the predictions of others is counter-productive. We suffered from this affliction in our first decade of investing. Now we just ignore the forecasts from the institutions, including those we get emailed from our own bank and broker. Just click delete.
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@jazziyoung thanks! Absolutely. The world is filled with noise and being able to filter it out is an underrated skill
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I enjoyed reading your post as well and have subscribed to your Substack ! Cheers =)
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@consumeowntech thanks Benjamin!
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Just got round to reading this, kudos, really enjoyed it!
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@investmenttalk thanks mate!



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