Craziest Opinion of the Day
Someone just posted on Twitter that in 10 years Disney is going to go outta business my god is this bear market getting to everyone. I’ve never heard of a crazier opinion then that. That guy made me wanna prove everyone wrong and buy even more Disney. Like I said conviction pays $DIS
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That definitely is a crazy opinion. Hot takes get engagement over there, though
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What was his thesis for suggesting that?
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@investmenttalk he didn’t have one lol that’s the funniest part. See I need to stay off twitter I told you going on it was the worst idea. Gonna have to stay on here forever and delete twitter lol
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@christian7621 that’s the bigger issue IMO. It’s fine to make bold predictions, but have an argument to support them
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And that's the difference between Twitter and Commonstock, @christian7621. ;) Last quarter $DIS earned $1.08 per share on $19B in revenue. Management forecasts Disney+ will have between 230M and 260M subscribers by fiscal 2024.
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@tomato those subscriber numbers to me are absolutely crazy I love it
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One of the dumbest things I think I've heard recently
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@paulcerro you’d be surprised lol the amount of dumb things you hear in a day
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@christian7621 Nothing surprises me anymore. Dumb comments run rampant now on fintwit
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@paulcerro That's why I keep commonstock open and barely go on twitter now. Much less toxic and have already learned way more scrolling on here. Being able to make posts and you guys read it and give good comments is amazing
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This is what makes markets and it’s noisy place. Everyone have options about everything and most know about nothing
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Do I think that $DIS will go under in a decade? …no.
But I also think they are their own worst enemy when it comes to their post-pandemic recovery.
Just my opinion, but I feel they need to back off the controversial politics. Right or wrong, when the majority of your target audience is children, you need to tread carefully.
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@fatcatinvesting Disney like many companies are steered by whom ever is in charge at that time. The iterations of Disney and their focus is very obvious in that in both the parks and the content they produce.

These things are swings and roundabouts on a small scale the bigger picture is a company that will probably be around in 50 years with ease.