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$JEPI or $HYG for Income
What are your favorite ETFs or stocks for generating relatively safe but high yield income?

The two I have found to be pretty low-risk and a decent yield (over 7%) are $JEPI which invests in high yield stocks with some call options and $HYG which invests in high yield corporate bonds. Both are yielding over 7% and are "only" down about 12% with the recent market downturn.

I have seen higher-yielding products out there but most are down 20% or more which is NOT what I'm looking for.

Does anyone else have an opinion on either of these or something I might be missing?

Again, looking for a high yield with relatively safe returns.
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$JEPI was the last hold out ETF I held until recently when I finally signed off ETF’s forever. I have $OIEJX (JP Morgan Equity Income Fund) in my 401-k, and other index funds & ETF’s in my Acorns & Stash IRA’s. So I decided to go 100% individual stocks in my personal accounts. That way I had “safe” investments all over, but then could compete against them all with my individual account. The more comfortable and proficient I got picking individual stocks, the less I like funds. Too many investments I didn’t like.

I did study the hell out of top 10 holdings of EVERY fund I came across. Not just o find ideas of my own, but to compare funds’ holdings, see which companies institutions had the most faith in, etc.

It’s one of the 5-8 value or dividend funds, outside S&P 500 funds, that I would be comfortable holding.