Scoreboard Buy of the Week - $KMB
Another week, another buy of $KMB.

Ticker: $KMB
Account: Roth IRA
Date: 3/6/23
Qty: 1 share
Price: $126.10
I was over my 2% cash target in my Roth IRA, so I bought another share of $KMB. 4th consecutive purchase of $KMB
$KMB was tied for highest rated in portfolio at 4.5/6. Held tie breaker over $HSY, $OZK and $LOW because it is the most underweight holding.

PADI increased from $230.12 to $234.72.
Average Cost Basis from $129.49 to $129.08.
8.0907 total shares. Moves from 3rd to 2nd largest holding in portfolio.
Scorecard Breakdown:
S&P Cost Basis Rank - +1. Average Cost Basis Outperforming S&P by 9.3%.
FCF Rank - +0.5. Dividend/FCF is at 90.5%, greater than 50%.
Conviction Rank - +0.5. Medium. Steady compounder, but nothing special.
Dividend Yield - +0.5. 3.65% is greater than Average of 2.46% but less than top 5% of 4.91%.
Weighting - +1. Current allocation of 9.4% vs target of 20%.
P/E - +1. P/E of 22.11 is less than 25.

Continuing to follow my plan and trust the process. With this buy I am more than halfway to my target allocation in Consumer Packaged Goods. With $KMB being my only holding in the sector/industry, I will continue to add as long as it remains at the top of my Scorecard.
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$KMB has taken a bit of a dip since January. Well done on the opportunistic buying!

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@tomato thanks! My average cost basis is still outperforming the S&P, so a doubly good opportunity



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