Earnings Recap in 23 seconds
If you only have 23 seconds to get an update on how earnings went today. I can guarantee this is the best way to get that update:

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Fantastic job!!
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@conorvalue thanks man!
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Most underrated account on TikTok
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@hedgevision haha thanks Hedge Vision πŸ™

Dividend Dollars @dividenddollars also recently started a Tiktok and has been doing a great job with explainers
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@nathanworden thanks man! It’s brand new, much more stuff to come
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@dividenddollars It's crazy how different creating video content is to creating written content. It's almost a whole different language / part of the brain (at least, that's how it feels to me 😡)
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That Generac earnings reaction was the highlight of the video! Who's generator was it that malfunctioned in the snow?
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@dissectmarkets I loved this part as well πŸ˜†πŸ˜΅
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@dissectmarkets A poor lad named Malcolm Smith who uploaded a Youtube video of his generator self-distructing back in 2011! πŸ˜„

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Stunning work. 23 seconds is now the benchmark for all earnings season summaries.
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@valuabl oh no what have I done! πŸ˜„πŸ˜
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This is amazing! So concise and creative
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@joeyhirendernath Thank you Joey!
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Really like the effort you guys are putting in short term video. Kudos!
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@rihardjarc big thanks Rihard! πŸ˜‡
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Is 23 seconds the new 140 characters?! Great choice of song :)
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Unquestioningly the best way to get my market news in the morning. :)