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Visualizing 2022 & 2023 through the lens of ETF accumulation/distribution
2022 was all about risk-off action with numerous days of heavy ETF selling. Selling was widespread in equities $SPY, REITs $IYR, and bonds $LQD.

2023 is the opposite with risk-on action. ETF buying has been seen across the board in global stocks, bonds, & REITs.

Data is beautiful.
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What do you make of this?
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I see 2023 as being a much better year for risk assets.

2022 was a tough year as assets declined and risk premiums re-rated.

If there is a pause with the Fed, stocks should be a decent bet. And once a pivot begins, stocks will have gained massively ahead of it.

Just my opinion of what’s going on.

Most don’t believe that a rally is possible



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