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#6 of Under-Followed-Stock: B3 Consulting Group
Investment summary:

  • 19 years of profitable growth

  • 10-year Revenue CAGR of 18 % and EBIT CAGR of 23 %

  • Sweden’s leading IT career company in 2022

  • appointed one of Europe’s best workplaces in 2020 & 2021

  • high insider ownership with recent aggressive purchases by the Chairman of the Board

  • Revenue grew by 24.5 %, EBIT by 95 % and net profit by 130 % in 2022

  • LTM EV/EBIT of 12.3x and P/E of 15.9x

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damn, what's up with Sweden. So many interesting public companies. A real investing boom happening there. Also seeing many retail investors from Sweden being active.
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@rihardjarc, do you know about Kinnevik? It's a publicly traded Swedish investment group focused on interesting startups and tech. Very cool company!

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@rihardjarc The swedish stock market had great returns in the past 👌🏻
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@tomato I didn’t. Interesting that they have even an investment firm publicly traded. Nice
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@mavix yeah and a lot of big successful companies forming there - $SPOT , $EVVTY etc.
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Sweden is now on my radar 📡



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