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Portfolio changes - update 14
Hey fam! I'm continuing my process of thinking through my holdings and consolidation. After thinking through this on multiple occasions, I decided to sell $ROKU at the open. My main thesis for holding it was to get a great exposure to the world of CTV and advertising and I'm confident I get that well and then some with $TTD.

While $TTD isn't laser focused only on CTV, they do have a substantial exposure as pretty much almost every major streaming service like HBO Max, Hulu, Discovery+ and more works with them and $NFLX is also a not so distant possibility.

Besides that, I get exposure to programmatic targeted advertising beyond just CTV but to whole omnichannel experience, superior margins and remove my direct exposure to supply chains while retaining some exposure to $ROKU itself as they are one of their partners and $ROKU is also a user of $SNOW's data solutions.

  • On the opposite side, I decided to add to my $SNOW allocation once again, for obvious reasons, and $DDOG.
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Interesting. I also sold Roku. I replaced with TTD.
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@toasty_trading also looking to add to my $TTD, just a bit lower perhaps.