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Humility in investing
Give this memo about humility in investing a read, which is in my opinion a very important point to understand if you want to become a long-term successful investor.

The quote below is probably interesting who thought he‘s the next Buffet in 2020/2021.


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Totally agree, I have made a ton of mistakes and there is zero chance I will become overconfident. Instead, I struggle to maintain confidence and imposter syndrome on a daily basis.
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@ifb_podcast Sorry to hear that Dave. But i know what you mean, it’s really not easy to find the healthy middleway. But i think trying to understand the own psychology is the most important step 👍🏻
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@mavix thanks, and totally agree! 😁🙏
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Such an important reminder to always be self-aware. It was a great post @saesch :)
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The word "humility" takes its etymology from the Latin "humus," which literally means ground. The dirt. It's such an enlightening etymology if you substitute the word "grounded"--which I think is what we're each striving for as investors. A practice as simple as—for every stock purchase—writing down a brief thesis with a few positive flags and negative flags and having that to refer to really lends humility, some grounding, when a quarter's surprising earnings cause the markets to spiral and, out of fear and with little long term memory for why we bought, we're tempted to bail on a position.
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@tomato great take Joshua!



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