Shorted $TSLA after earnings
Plain and simple… most people are barely break even on Tesla stock over a 3 year period, whilst entering a recession with little monetary tools other than to raise rates to combat inflation. Someone once said that Bitcoin’s fair value is $15k based on central bank liquidity, and Tesla’s fair value is $100 based on competition. Additionally, Tesla is heavily reliant on weakening Chinese demand, without the onset of increasing geopolitical tensions with the US, and Elon’s behaviour is being tested by the legal system, after a growing trend of insider trading allegations against public officials.

In my opinion, the stock is worth the buyback at around $580, if you’re into surfing. My short allocation is small, yet when I see an opportunity to either go short or stay out of the market for a few weeks, I’ve learned it’s better to go short.

Good luck everyone and happy trading 😎

Preston | Investor Insight's avatar
I like it. I think $TSLA sees under $450 by March 2023. Technical Analysis suggests further downside move - I previously posted my chart on my page for reference.