Why did you buy Microsoft in the last week?
In the last week 85 people on Commonstock bought Microsoft, 18 sold, and I followed them all.

All you can learn from the "News" is that Microsoft has new firmware for the Xbox controller.

I gotta believe that the new Xbox firmware wasn't part of anyone's investment thesis.

The news isn't a smart way to invest. But talking to people is.

So I want to know- all ye Commonstock people; Why did you buy Microsoft in the last week?

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Bradley Pratzner @pratzner - You have a new position. ¿por qué?

Tyler Caruso @tc26 - You bought $MSFT multiple times. Dollar cost averaging in?

Mohamed El Mahallawy @moe - You bought 0.81% more $MSFT. Is this a dividend reinvestment? Or are you just feeling peckish?

Ben Werdmuller @benwerd - Your last name is cool. Also, you bought Microsoft at $295.96. Why now?

Safeer Mohiuddin @safeerm - 101.finance is cool. Props. Microsoft is your second biggest holding. Why do you love it?

Jordan Kilbey @humorinanything - Everything funny when you're making money. Good handle. Now why $MSFT?

Amir @amirism - Get a profile picture. Then tell me why $MSFT is 5.7% of your portfolio.

Keith Wasserman @keith - Remind me to ask you about multifamily real estate investments. But first, tell me why you bought $MSFT.

Prateek @wolf - $MSFT is 2% of your portfolio. Why not more?

Rostyslav @rostyslav - Would you rather own Salesforce or Microsoft?

Prasant Lokinendi @psant - You're above average in my book. But is Microsoft?

Alex Korth @alexkorth - Microsoft is your fifth largest holding. Do you think it will move up or down in your portfolio allocation over the next year?

Trevor Carrithers @trevor - You have more $VOO than $MSFT. Why?

Pat @patwallen - Microsoft is your seventh largest holding. Why do you like Netflix more? (Your largest holding?)

Bryan Jung @jungers - I am your first follower on Commonstock. Remember me when you make it huge off of your $MSFT gains.

Robert Mews @to_the_moon - Is Microsoft Teams a competitor to Zoom?

Elupo @elipopa - $MSFT doesn't even appear on your poftfolio, so it must be less than 1%. Why hold something if you have less than 1% conviction?

Alex Mann @manna - How was Lambda school? Also, what are your thoughts on $MSFT as an investment?

Bob Lasch @bob - You lucky Bob. You are the first. Nice handle grab. Ok, now why do you like $MSFT?

Gaurav Mishra @gmishra - $MSFT is 4% of your portfolio with a lot of other names. What makes Microsoft special?

Beast mode:

It's @arguable that @tommy is the bomb-@diggity because he owns $MSFT

@luke bet the @farm on $MSFT which turned out to be a @kohl_in_one

@dan isn't sharing his portfolio, but he probably owns $MSFT because @imyourfatherdan does.
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I didn't trade $MSFT last week, but I added it last year for one reason: it has an exclusive license on GPT-3 https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2020/09/22/microsoft-teams-up-with-openai-to-exclusively-license-gpt-3-language-model/

It's done a bunch of other great stuff over the last several years to turn it's culture around, acquire great companies, etc. But in looking toward the future, and trying to understand what the markets probably weren't properly pricing, it was GPT-3.
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Amen to that. Love the possibilities of natural language processing and GPT-3.
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I bought when Microsoft bought Github in 2018. Been continuing to buy $MSFT ever since.
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I bought because Microsoft announced a share buyback program of up to $60 billion, while also raising the quarterly dividend by 11%.

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Ok that makes a lot of sense.
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Well! I have all big daddy of big tech in portfolio! I am not even following them on what’s happening with them! Will sell them when I retire (maybe).
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This is a cool idea for a memo, here for the comments :)
Very cool indeed and quite creative. Quite interesting to see how this platform organically evolves in-real time.
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Four of the people I tagged have DM'd me directly. Has been a great conversation starter and the conversations have been top notch. Couldn't have done something like this on any other platform.
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Frankly, Netflix is here to stay Bc they have a huge competitive advantage owning the main distribution channel AND production. When I saw Netflix churning out material I doubled down. Even if it loses share, it will still be a guerrilla Bc of its production. As far as Microsoft, I bought more recently Bc of the leaderboard. I hope I’m wrong and the market punishes the buyback. I also renewed a personal subscription to Microsoft and was impressed by how simple it was.



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