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The 100 largest companies in the world ranked by revenue in 2022 (Statista)
Included below is a snapshot of the top 30 largest companies by revenue (worldwide). Full list available following the link at the bottom.

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Source: Statista

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3 of the top 5 in the oil and gas sector
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@joeyhirendernath It's cyclical but maybe secular in the current decade.
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It's kind of interesting that Walmart so reliably leads the world's companies in revenue terms. And the majority of that revenue comes from the states. I don't think I know anyone who shops there!
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@tomato They do massive amounts of turnover.
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A lot of oil and gas right now. Wonder how this looks in 10 years. My bet is $AMZN goes on the top of that list.
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@rihardjarc Maybe, my instinct tells me that there is great potential in some of the healthcare companies but we'll see. Interesting times ahead.
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@kostofff Healthcare always a sector on watch for some big new drugs or treatments. Cancer, obesity etc. (huge opportunities)
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Interesting to see car makers like Volkswagan and Toyota make the list. Great visual.
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@nathanworden Thanks Nathan. You have also Daimler, Ford, GM and BMW in the top 50 (not included in the picture snapshot).



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