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Apptopia 2022 Rankings for OTA Apps
  • $BKNG maintained its leadership in global downloads growing from 63M to 80M. It displaced Hopper in US which was #1 with 19M in 2021.

  • $ABNB remains second with 52M up from 44M. Used to be 2nd in US with 12M but lost its place to Vrbo and Expedia (both owned be $EXPE).

  • $BKNG also owns Agoda for which global downloads grew from 14M to 21M.

  • Looking at US rankings is interesting to note that Priceline and Kayak (#7 and #8) are also owned by $BKNG.

  • $EXPE Vrbo had its global downloads increasing from 13.4M to 20M with 6.8M increase coming from US.

  • Expedia App also increased from 15M to 27M (globally).


Big winner is once again Booking with the largest growth in terms of downloads depicting the best network effect compared to other OTA apps.

Expedia is seriously growing and should be monitored.


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