Opendoor Investing Discussion
Had the pleasure of sitting down with @tyler.okland to chat about Opendoor.

Tyler won the December game of 'The Market' with his pitch of $OPEN. He knows the company in and out. If you want to hear the latest on Opendoor or be introduced to the company by a very smart bunch, check out the video here.

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Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Lots of information packed in this video ! Nathan you're an amazing host.

@investor_from_nepal I remember you mentioning in a previous memo that you were looking into $OPEN I think this will discussion will be of value.
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@joeyhirendernath Thanks Joey! It's really fun putting on these conversations, and yes, it really is a good way to get a week's worth of info in about 12 minutes!
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The reviews are in! We're officially 'skeptics you can respect.' Honestly that's a badge of honor.

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Cole's avatar
Interesting. Until that conversation, I'd been thinking of $OPEN as a home-flipper.
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@laststock yeah, honestly same here, and Pat as well.

Tyler definitely was adamant about making the distinction that home flipping is not what Opendoor is trying to do.