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This week I added to my $RIVN position, i'd like to add more to my smaller positions, I feel comfortable with most of my money in $AMZN but feel like I should even it out a bit.
$RDFN is going to have to stay below 5% for the time-being, I do regret purchasing at the time I did but I don't think a sell-off is warranted, I should have invested elsewhere at the time though.

Still only have 4 names so far in my dividend portfolio, which is not connected to commonstock at the moment.
Added to Kroger this week to lower my average cost. The rest of these are currently in the green for me.

Have been slowing down on adding new names lately and focusing on building up my current holdings.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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I truly think you should own more eBay. You talk about them so much and I know you follow the company so well. That’s what it’s all about. You know how I feel about KO. One of my favorite stocks that I don’t own yet. Price is coming down tho. Question don’t you own Dutch Bros too. I know you like them. I like the ceo a lot. You know I’m Starbucks till I die tho lol
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@christian7621 I agree with you there! eBay is my largest position in dividend portfolio, should have mentioned that in the post! I like to add to my companies when they are lower as you know but since i'm planning on holding these names for long, I guess I need to learn how to add to winners efficiently. I really do like the stock, they are a large marketplace for collectibles, which I love. Coca-Cola is my 2nd largest position, also green for me atm.
I do own Dutch Bros! Love their rapid growth to new areas and their fast service, Starbucks will always be the place for studying and working though haha, no where to sit at Bros.



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