I am deleting my account. It nothing against commonstock or anyone on here, it just not for me
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please don't go, frank! you've helped make this a better place.
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Damn I’m gonna miss you so much no lie
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Thanks for chatting in the DMs— if you ever want to swing back around we'll welcome you with open arms :)
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I hope you come back Frank!
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Hope you return Frank. It was great having you here
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Why are you doing so?
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@stockopine at this moment it not just for me. I dont like the idea of peolpe promoting their financial blogs or newsletters.. For myself , I prefer no sales people
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@frankieciv608 Can't you follow the the people who aren't doing that but providing quality content and just not look at the main news feed?
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@interrobangbros agree on that.
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@interrobangbros @stockopine as I wait for the account deletion, I saw this. I do not follow anyone that sells/advertises but it hard to block all of them in the general timeline as I look at that timeline as much as the ones that I follow to find more people. I am terrible with social networks. I spoke with @nathanworden about it due to he wanted feedback for commonstock. I explained I am really bad with social networks and that more of it than anything else. More than likely I will jump back on after awhile due to I get bored without them also. Again it more a me thing than anything else.
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@frankieciv608 - Actually I agree with you in some ways after thinking about it since commonstock is supposed to be somewhere that we share ideas for free and not sharing ideas for personal gain by having people promote their paid services as basically they are getting free advertising without paying even a penny to commonstock. If it was a free service that is being promoted, then it's okay with me. If commonstock wanted ads, I am sure they would have paid ads as part of the platform instead. And going through the Commonstock terms of service at https://commonstock.com/terms , those who promote some paid service for financial gain is actually in violation of the terms of service as mentioned in the screenshot which is something they agreed to for having a account:

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fair enough @frankieciv608 . Hope that we will see you back in the near future.
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Hope to see you in the future, Frank as love reading your posts.
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Sad to see you go :(