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Feb'23 - Growth Portfolio Update
Buys: $ADYEY
Sells: None

  • Still no substantial changes or adds since Nov/Dec. Sitting on some cash now, but prefer to add into weakness. Patience.

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Total return: -27.9% (inception 01-23-2022)
YTD return: +22%
  • Have thought about trimming my $NVDA position slightly due to run up in price from low $100's.
  • $NU had a fantastic Q (again!) and I want to add more shares to get it to a 5-6% position.

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Other comments:
  • $MELI had another amazing Q. Currently a 16% position and I have no plans to trim. Would add under $1,000.
  • $TTD also had another great Q.
  • I am satisfied with my portfolio going forward. Will add to positions on price weakness if/when it comes.

Which companies should I add to my watchlist that have been executing? Open to all new ideas!
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@rpinvestments will check them out! Have looked at $ABNB out of those, but passed on valuation - looks like fundamentals much better now so will have to revisit 👀
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Although I know this might be bit of an oddball $HSY is my recommendation
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@joeyhirendernath I like chocolate! Haha will check it out
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love your portfolio and transparency!
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@growthinvesting thanks MGI! Hoping it’s set up for long term outperformance!
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What is the cash % if you don't mind?
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@rihardjarc currently sitting around 10%, but I make deposits randomly throughout the year so it fluctuates lots
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@beaver_cap thx for sharing.
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Great update!
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@nathanworden thanks Nathan! Gotta hold myself accountable until I’m able to link up my portfolio from 🇨🇦



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