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FTX bankruptcy
A statement from FTX’s new CEO John Ray (who also helped manage Enron after its collapse):
"Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information."
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This makes FTX / Sam / crypto in general look super amateur.
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At least it's not one of those crappy banks, am I right? LOL

I love people taking shots at banks as justification for this guy.
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@conorvalue yea that’s one of the more ridiculous takes when people do that. Just keep my dear $BTC separate from all of the ETH, web3, defi, staking protocol, yield farming (warranted) slander 😂 people falsely bucket everything as ‘crypto’ and true cultists are quick to correct the misunderstanding of our dear innocent $BTC
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This story keeps getting better and better (worse). How much it just shows blind faith to those who shmooze with words lol
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How much is the new CEO being paid to run FTX?
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@dissectmarkets depends whichever political party is bankrolling his ‘findings’ 😉
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Speaks volumes for sure. No words for this guy...