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Eli Lilly $LLY and Tirzepatide
Tirzepatide achieved an unbelievable world record: 26% weight loss in 88-week clinical trial

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Patients who stopped mid-trial had weight regain

For the efficacy estimand, those taking tirzepatide, on average, lost an additional 6.7% of their body weight from randomization, compared to those taking placebo who experienced mean weight regain of 14.8% from randomization at 88 weeks, for a placebo-adjusted net weight change of -21.4%.

In a secondary endpoint, participants who remained on tirzepatide after randomization achieved a total of 26.0% mean body weight loss from study entry over the entire 88-week period.

This suggests that these could be long-term drugs for obese and diabetic patients. - Reuters, Eli Lilly
Eli Lilly and Company
Tirzepatide demonstrated significant and superior weight loss compared to placebo in two pivotal studies | Eli Lilly and Company
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