$CMG runway
$CMG already has 3000 stores and is opening 200 this year.

How long is their runway?

How many stores can they open without affecting their ROI over the long term?

$MCD has over 40K stores. What do you think?
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I don't know but I like the $CMG charts. Monthly and daily up trends and the weekly is above its resistance level.
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They need more stores but I don’t think the same amount of McDonald’s because the quality of the food and standards of the business goes down. They need more probably no more than 10k nationwide and that’s pushing it. It’s hard to find franchisees and good employees it could damage them long term opening a ton more and they don’t have a drive through option at all the locations. Another reason why more isn’t going to help them much.
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Off the top of my head, they said they can double US storecount?
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@investmenttalk Damn, thats still like a decade+ runway
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@growthinvesting can i get a …image