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Tesla Price Cuts
The market is jeering the Tesla price cuts this morning.

As a shareholder (and consumer!) I am always cheering for them to cut prices.

Sacrifice short-term margin for long-term moat. Think like a business competitor.

The moat is cars on the road collecting the proprietary data to train the autonomous system. Prioritizing cars on the road > margins at this stage in the AI and EV revolutions is the correct strategy.

The differentiating factor between AIs will be the data the models are trained on. Tesla has one of, if not the, largest and best proprietary data sets and commercial use cases in the world.

Make it financially irresponsible to not choose a Tesla for your next car.

Sound familiar?
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Moreover, this has ALWAYS been the master plan.

It's always been there, on the Tesla website, since August 2, 2006, for anyone who cares to read it.

The cars are always getting cheaper, and this has been the plan all along.

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Thanks for taking a step back and considering the big picture on $TSLA. I think you've hit the nail on the head. :) I like where the stock is these days and am considering adding, but it's a pretty unpopular one out on social media right now.



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