Buying back all the $VICI with profit from the trade
This is one of the last buys that I am making using the money that I made from the $VICI trade where I sold 30% of my $VICI holding near ATH
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Buy low, sell high! Well done sir!
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@stockopine Sadly that's not how all of my trades go, but glad at least one did haha
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@investor_from_nepal everyone is in the same boat but for that specific stock you nailed it 👌🏼
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This graph is great for context!

Awesome to see you accumulate and build that passive income! Doing that now when things are down is much better long term when you are consistent.
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@joeyhirendernath yeah! i think i ll update my strategy to take some profits off, but i am diving into macro economics and factors affecting as well - so hopefully i can do something out of it.
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I see someone loves being a casino landlord!