$WWE Q1 2022 earnings
Revenue was $333.4 million, an increase of 27% and a quarterly record; Operating Income was $92.4 million, an increase of 42%; and Adjusted OIBDA1 was $111.7 million, an increase of 33% and a quarterly record

Returned capital to shareholders totaling $38.9 million, including share repurchases and dividends paid

Announced a multi-year expansion of the Company’s original programming partnership with A&E that includes more than 130 new hours of premium WWE-themed series and specials

Announced a broadcast partnership with MBC Group, the largest and leading group in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, to air WWE premium live events, live episodes of Raw and SmackDown as well as WWE Network’s vast library of content

Announced a comprehensive, long-term partnership with Fanatics to create a new, enhanced digital platform for e-commerce and licensed merchandise, as well as physical, digital, and non-fungible token (NFT) trading cards

WWE 2K22, the latest installment of the Company’s flagship video game franchise, was released to strong consumer demand and rave reviews

WrestleMania was the most viewed WWE premium live event of all time. Global unique viewership increased 54% and domestic unique viewership increased 61% year-over-year
(And _they _sa__y _wresting __ _is _dead_ __ 😏)

The Company reaffirms its expectations for 2022

I great podcast was done by Chit Chat Money which can be viewed here (Spotify link)
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$8.9M of the $38.9M cash return to shareholders was the dividend and I really like that the dividend is supported by all the cash they're generating: Cash flows generated by operating activities were $95.5M for the quarter and FCF was $74M for the quarter.

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$WWE would have been a hot stock if MMA never happened 😊
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@abilash you could argue that one of the reasons why $WWE has been will be hot stock is because of MMA.
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@from100kto1m yes ..you are infact right 😄
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Wow thanks for the detailed information! Definitely going to listen to the podcast too.