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Forecasters have turned bearish on Australian property. Analysts expect house prices to fall 16% on average from peak to trough.
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this is a factual post...
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Have heard/seen some wild things about Ozzy RE
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I read that this may be the most overvalued RE market worldwide
From Aus: Aust Real Estate market overall stats driven by the 2 x largest cities (Syd, Melb) both of which have seen crazy price growth last 2-3years. A 20% drop would still have prices about precovid levels.
Regional markets have seen similar growth but from smaller base, and are less exposed to over extended borrowers.
I see some recent borrowers running into some strife in Syd/Melb but…
Like any “market” there are areas within Aus Real estate that will still experience price growth through this period (driven by government project spend, interstate and overseas migration, housing shortage etc)



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