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$NKLA delivery numbers per quarter (Q4 2021 - Q2 2023)
While many refuse to believe that the $NKLA of today is different than Nikola back during Trevor Milton's time, looking at the number of deliveries that Nikola motors has made over the past several quarters shows that they're ramping up deliveries and are executing with integrity.

The delivery numbers I've compiled here are the aggregate of DTC sales and deliveries to wholesalers. Nikola has went from delivering their battery electric semi-trucks directly to trucking companies to starting to sell the trucks to wholesalers. Because of this, we are seeing deliveries rapidly growing. These deliveries first began in December 2021 amid the supply chain crisis when $NKLA delivered the first two electric semi-trucks in history to Total Transportation Services Inc., a trucking company based in Los Angeles. Since then, deliveries have continued to grow and Nikola has attracted more clients like $JBHT.

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Source: Nikola Investor Relations Quarterly Earnings Press Releases
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EV Startup Nikola Delivers Its First Electric Semi Trucks to L.A. Customer
After a rocky couple of years, Nikola has produced two electric test trucks for a Southern California trucking company ahead of full-scale production in 2022.

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