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Great Follow: Peter Offringa, Software Stack Investing

Peter has been leading software engineering teams for Internet-based companies for 20 years. He has served in VP of Engineering and CTO roles at a number of high traffic properties, ranging from growing start-ups to publicly traded companies.

Peter has a deep understanding of modern software development investing, and writes about his analysis of the industry, product development, competitive positioning, market demand and future potential for software companies.

He has been on the purchasing side of software services for many years, and has unique insight into the nuances of technology capabilities, developer mindshare and product fit.

Peter invests in the companies that he intimately understands, and now you can see his portfolio and follow him on Commonstock— Go give him a follow! ---> @stackinvesting

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Amazing addition to the community
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Peter is a pro
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Followed, looking forward to the expertise :)
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Followed, thanks for the heads up
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Awesome, welcome Peter!
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Followed, thanks for the recc Nathan!
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This goes beyond purchasing off-the-shelf software packages for e-commerce, customer service and other critical functions.
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@allenscottleon Yep Peter goes deep into these companies. He uses them, understands the competitive positioning, and does a great job sharing his expertise with people. I'm excited he's on Commonstock 🤓
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@nathanworden As the head of engineering, Peter proved himself time and time again. He brought a wealth of experience and insight and was able to build and effective
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Followed! Welcome peter!