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Infrastructure Play
A quick peek at WSP:
Market Cap: $23bn
5-yr CAGR - 21% CAGR
3-yr Revs - 15%
EV/Sales - 2x
P/E - 46x
5-yr EPS - 11% CAGR
7.3% Organic Growth in Net Revs; this is WSP's most important metric, as it shows their success in folding acquisitions under their umbrella.

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WSP is one of my favourite pure-play infrastructure companies, which in turn is an industry I'm extremely bullish on in the coming years. WSP is positioning themselves to be a global leader benefitting from tailwinds to the industry, with developments in financing, a global transition to (and need for) sustainability, and improvements in technology for various sectors within the wider infrastructure market.

Their focus on earth and environment, water, and adapting property & infrastructure to the impacts of climate change has WSP well-positioned for strong growth for years to come, and their ability to fold in and organically grow acquisitions will be another huge aid to that.

I'm diving into WSP now, with that article coming out next Monday! Stay tuned to read about one of the under-appreciated stock market beasts.

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