Food inflation and food import concerns will prompt more investment into vertical farming
Singapore is a small island nation that relies heavily on food imports to feed its people. The island is promoting vertical farming efforts to make the nation self-sufficient in food production and combat food inflation.

Vertical farming allows farmers to grow more food per square footage. Basically, to grow more food, farmers expand their food production to sky rather than needing to acquire more land. The way in which vertical farming is done is sustainable as it reduces the need for farmers to do deforestation and with modern tech, farmers are able to grow more with less water and other resources.

Energy shortages pose as a headwind to vertical farming growth because vertical farming is energy-intensive. Thankfully, this form of agriculture can be supported with renewables.

For growth investors looking for underrated megatrends to invest in, consider vertical farming! $APPH $SMG $GRWG are some tickers that I see benefiting from the vertical farming megatrend.

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Interesting. Especially, after the various export bans (India, Egypt,Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia etc.) Does any of the 3 companies possess greatest advantages over the other two?
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@stockopine out of the three companies, I'd say that $APPH is an actual vertical farmer while $SMG and $GRWG are "pick and shovel" plays.
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@dissectmarkets thank you. Interested to read more on this stock.
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Interesting point, do you think it will be vertical farming or more desire to keep farmland accessible to farmers?
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@greencandleit I think it will be vertical farming because many policymakers find that land is more valuable when used for activities other than farming (like housing, warehouses, etc.)
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A newer option is $EDBL as well. One that just hasn’t had long term success is $GRNH - it has had moments where the stock has shined.
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@averageinvestor I've never heard of that stock. Thanks for letting me know!
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Wow! More than 90%, I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing