Search Volume for Inflation Decline
After peaking in June 2022, search traffic for the term "inflation" appears to be dying down in 2023, albeit still very elevated from the last two decades.

Are you all noticing your weekly shopping (essentials like grocery et al) spiking?

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Dividend Dollars's avatar
Not noticing a spike, but am not noticing a decline either 😭
Conor Mac's avatar
Gradual incline I would say. Nothing insane, but still noticing a few things here and there.
Todor Kostov's avatar
Steady consolidation, I would say.
Reasonable Yield's avatar
@kostofff Thanks for sharing :)
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
Definitely noticed some instances of shrinkflation recently.
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@joeyhirendernath That's seems a decent size meal ...
Joshua Simka's avatar
Certain things strike me as quite expensive. Eggs, for instance, are quite expensive in California right now. It's not a direct result of inflation, but inflation means we feel the price pinch more acutely.

Reasonable Yield's avatar
@tomato Good points
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The FED is doing their job. People are searching less "Inflation" :D (less entrenched in the mind!)
Nathan Worden's avatar
If the price of gas went back up, that would bring a lot of the pain back imo



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