ARPU of Social Media
Huge range across the different social media companies.

Still waiting for Pinterest to deliver on its ARPU promise :)

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Hi Jas welcome to Commonstock! I've just followed you! Look forward to having data-rich visuals on Tech companies on here
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@joeyhirendernath thanks for the welcome Joey!
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How is $PINS still doing so poorly? People literally go there to find stuff to buy, build, design
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@rpinvestments You are right its most tightly linked to ecommerce.

However, they have been poor in monetizing their US and Non US base both. Wondering if their ad-products for merchants are not up to scratch.
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I wonder where TikTok fits into all this— perhaps better than Pinterest but not better than Snapchat yet?
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@nathanworden Tiktok #s are hard to come by. But last i looked at an estimated in Q2-22 and it was about $1, so even less than Pinterest.

But TikTok is early in its monetization journey so I'd imagine its at least as high as Pinterest if not higher.
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Do you have exposure to any of these businesses?
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@investmenttalk directly, mainly pinterest.
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Still waiting on PINS as well..

"It's been 84 yrs"



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