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Commonstock Daily Sentiment - 05/03/2023
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Commonstock Sentiment Indicator's avatar
Commonstock Sentiment Indicator
@cssentimentMay 3Author
If you think the sentiment is too high today, blame @jmc 😜
Joe McLaughlin's avatar
Joe McLaughlin
@jmcMay 3
@cssentiment we’re bullish about the market and the Commonstock platform, ok?
Dividend Dollars's avatar
Dividend Dollars
@dividenddollarsMay 3
Can you share this again after FOMC?? Curious how it changes!
Lester Leong's avatar
Lester Leong
@prometheusMay 3
@dividenddollars Chair Powell's statement made it into a 0.3, indicating bearish sentiment.

The Fed are focusing on addressing high inflation and its consequences, which may result in a period of below-trend growth and softer labor market conditions in the short term.
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