Update (Please Read)
Dear Readers,

I have an important life update to share with you. I have accepted a new job in the finance industry which I am very excited about. Understandably, yet unfortunately, my posts will be limited due to compliance and time constraints. I am unsure to what extent these limitations will be. If anyone wants to reach out to me, please do so through my Commonstock or Twitter.

I do want to thank each one of you for your support on my YMC journey. I started YMC with two goals: first, to have another resume item, and second, to turn it into a full-time job. While both of these goals were accomplished, the most rewarding part of the experience for me is who I met and what I learned. Having constant engagement, and feedback (both positive and negative), made this experience so much fun and educational for me. When I first started posting, I was a little frustrated because I had few people reading my work and I felt like I was posting into an abyss. Through Commonstock, (and many other channels), I found different, very smart, cool groups of individuals (many of which provide their research as well). From there, it quickly grew. I had many great conversations with people who I’ve never met in person and who I would now consider to be my friends. The invaluable feedback I have received from many of you has pushed me to become a better analyst and go deeper in my research. I am very grateful to all of you for supporting my work. To anyone considering starting a substack, I cannot recommend it enough!

I do have one more issue that will be released on Monday. This issue will be the last one (for now) and it will focus on Google Search specifically. While it is widely accepted that Google Search is a great business, I think it is even better than people realize. I look forward to discussing my finding with all of you.

Thank you and goodbye for now,
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@paulcerro I will definitely keep in touch don’t worry!
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@youngmoneycapital @paulcerro this GIF made me sad, haha
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Amazing news, congrats! Do you think the work you've shared via your newsletter, Twitter, and Commonstock helped you land that job in any way?

I'm of the opinion, that these types of channels are becoming the new resume... what an amazing thesis and opportunity to help people transition into the next generation of finance.
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@austin Thank you. I do think it helped to various degrees at different places. At a minimum, it showed my interest in the space and I do believe that helped me stand out. Many places already require a writing sample so that step was made easy. I also think it also helped me refine my thesis for pitches in interviews as well.
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Congratulations YMC and looking forward to read your $GOOGL writeup as a massive $GOOGL bull!
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@sammeciar looking forward to hearing what you think!
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Congratulations @youngmoneycapital! It's well deserved. Thanks for all the contributions you've made to the community!
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@nathanworden thank you!! Really appreciate it!
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Congrats! Appreciate you being a part of the community.
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@eric Thank you!
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Congrats! Now I’ll finally have an opportunity to work my way through the Young Money Capital substack backlog :)
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@zmo would love to hear your thoughts!
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congrats @youngmoneycapital! Absolutely deserved 🙌🏻
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@mavix thank you!!
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Congrats YMC! You'll surely do great!
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Congratulations 👏 @youngmoneycapital ! Well deserved!
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❤️ Congrats man, have enjoyed connecting with you over the past year or so. You deserve it, and best wishes for the new endeavour. Stay in touch, don’t be a stranger :)
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@investmenttalk Absolutely I will
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Congrats and good luck!
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Congratulations, mate. Onward and upward. Well done.
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Wow, this is great news! I've enjoyed interacting with you on Commonstock, @youngmoneycapital. Congratulations on all the success with YMC and wishing you all the best in your next adventure.
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@tomato thank you and I’ve enjoyed interacting with you as well!
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Congrats! Will miss your valuable insights, but I am sure you won't go too far - keep in touch.
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Congrats old money! Very happy for you :D
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