Invitae - An Introduction
Here is a framework for wrapping your head around what Invitae $NVTA does:

What the world needs: Cheap, personalized genetic testing.

Why does the world need this?: Up to 10% of the population is directly affected by an inherited genetic disorder. Far less than 1% get tested. Earlier diagnoses drastically increases the likelihood of a positive outcome for many diseases; cancer most notably. Additionally, genetic testing can help move medicine from reactionary to preventative. And then from preventative to wellness.

The problem: A lack of access, primarily due to prices. Genetic testing right now is expensive and slow.

The solution: Invitae makes tests affordable and quick (more on how they do this in future memos)

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Are the people creating the solution to this problem also the people who are experiencing the use case?:

Co-Founder and CEO Sean George talks about spending a lot of time with families that have genetic disorders either directly affecting them or their children, and how the day can't come soon enough for them to be able to get quick access to genetic testing. From the outside seems Sean is on a personal mission to solve a very real and pressing problem.
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So far I have gotten some great initial questions. Continue to ask away! Questions help me continue to direct my research. So far I've gotten these questions:

Question: What's the main difference between Invitae and $CRSP Crisper Therapeutics?
Answer: Crisper Theraputics has a portfolio of therapeutic programs which could result in drug products that treat diseases in a novel way. Invitae just offers the genomic tests and interpretation services so that doctors can diagnose diseases and plan treatments and patients can better understand their risk factors.

Question: Does Invitae need to use Illumina's or Pacific Biosciences of Califorina's equipment to do the genomic sequencing for their tests? Meaning, isn't Invitae constrained by how cheap sequencing is?
Preliminary Answer: Correct, although I'm researching just how dependent Invitae is on their suppliers. But one reason to downplay this dependence is Invitae’s bet about the cost of sequencing- they think that the price of sequencing will continue to fall so fast, the providers like $ILMN and $PACB won’t retain any pricing power, and value will accrue to the interpretation and convenience of a all-in-one test.