SVIB Bear Porn, Time to Stop it - Time to Chill - This too shall pass
  • SVIB liquidation will be very likely orderly & we will move on ...

  • banking system is way more stronger than 2007-2009 ...

  • regulators have way more tools and processes to hand this relatively easy ...

  • Zoom out: the world has been through way more severe events than this ...

  • I have been through Lehman brothers 2007-2009: both as a retail investor and working in banks ... one cannot compare SVIB with what was back then ... recall, recently we had 'Credit Suisse is the next Lehman' for european 'research', while not too long ago for Asian 'research', 'Evergrande is the next Lehman' ...

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P.S. 2) Weekend S&P 500 CFDs are up nearly a half point ... keep investing, keep, compounding ...

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I initially got scared too, but in the end this seems to affect more the Venture ecosystem than the financial world at a systemic level.

Thanks for sharing rational arguments!
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Just posted a similar comment on a different post. IF - and it's a big IF - this turns into any sort of banking scare - it's probably a net positive for stocks due to its impact on rates. Tighter lending is deflationary - taking some pressure off Fed, but more importantly, rates up means bond values down - so continuing to hike when the entire world is panicking about mark to market losses on bond portfolios may not be the greatest idea. I am not acting on this view as I just buy and hold through thick and thin - but it seems there's a distinct possibility that this ends up being net positive medium-longer term just because it accelerates rates moving back down a bit.
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@01core_ben great take Ben, similar view here ... net + medium-long term
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Adjusted for inflation, SVB isn't much of a big deal compared to Washington Mutual. Great post btw!
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Good take.
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I appreciate your sane and down-to-earth take on the recent events. Twitter has been a scary place the past few days. This stuff doesn't lend itself to quick tweets and hot takes.
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@tomato welcome Joshua ... nowadays all about chasing eye-balls ... for ad-revenues or scams or so ... too much information, not enough research ...



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