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Every Fed tightening cycle of the last 40 years has claimed a large financial casualty, given the impact of US monetary policy on rates, currency markets and risk assets globally.

  • Early 1980s LATAM Debt Crisis

  • Late 1980s US Commercial Real Estate Crisis

  • 1994 G10 Bond Turmoil

  • 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

  • 2008 Global Financial Crisis

  • 2014 Commodities Super Cycle Bust

  • 2023 Silicon Valley Bank

It keeps repeating, it might not be the same each time, but it sure does rhyme.

Only when the tide goes out (higher interest rates), then you really know who was swimming naked.

Never swim naked, never do anything to allow yourself to be completely wiped out especially by rising interest rates.
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They wanted to break something and they did...



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