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$40.8m follower assets
$META Instagram Vs TikTok
  • As per Yahoo finance, Instagram Reels fall well behind TikTok in terms of engagement with Reels average spend hours per day of 17.6M compared to 197.8M on TikTok.
  • 1/3 of Reels comes from other sources - e.g. TikTok, $SNAP etc.
  • Meta response-> Data was outdated and not global.
Thoughts: The difference was expected as TikTok is the first mover but that difference is massive!! Would monitor to see if $META officially responds or gives more details to the next earnings call.
If this is confirmed it would be very bad news for Meta shareholders (including us) given its focus on Reels engagement and monetization.
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Thanks for sharing @stockopine! As you said it was expected but I was definitely not expecting an engagement 10x+ higher for TikTok. Keen to see if FB has any explanation.
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@slt_research exactly. 10x is a huge difference. Hopefully, it won’t be the case..
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Wow, did not think the hours spent would be so massive!
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@nathanworden same here :)
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197.8M...hours? 🤯

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@tomato insane right? But it's not that bad. It approximates to 10 mins per day per monthly active user.