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Twitter's new CEO is Linda Yaccarino
Yaccarino interviewed Elon 3 weeks ago at the 2023 POSSIBLE conference hosted by NBC Universal.

Yaccarino asked: "With Tesla, you were inventing. With Twitter, you are reinventing, which is different. It's challenging rituals, its the challenge of the delicate balance of a rebrand."

At the time, the audience thought Yaccarino was interviewing Elon. But now we know, Elon probably considered this as a job interview for Yaccarino.

You can watch the whole interview here:

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Linda Yaccarino interviews Elon Musk – April 18, 2023
Linda Yaccarino interviews Elon Musk – April 18, 2023

Doug Helton's avatar
Doug Helton
@dougheltonMay 12
Seems like all smiles in the interview. Thanks for the link
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Josiah Racklin's avatar
Josiah Racklin
@josiahracklinMay 12
Interesting that so many people are worried about her in regards to censoring free speech.

I get that she represents advertisers, and that can be a bias to limit speech, (and perhaps pander to those who push woke ideology)

But if people watch the interview I think they'll be less concerned. She's quite professional.
Rick Gurner's avatar
Rick Gurner
@rick_gurnerMay 12
Musk has realized he needs to prioritize Twitter's advertising business if he doesn't want to lose billions more on Twitter.
Robert Kinnam's avatar
Robert Kinnam
@robertkinnamMay 12
The New York Times said that Yaccarino was in the middle of rehearsing for NBC's annual pitch to major advertisers when Musk tweeted that she had been chosen for Twitter's next CEO. She hadn't informed many of her fellow executives that she was planning on leaving.

Working for Musk will be hard.
Neil's avatar
@couch_investorMay 15
Let's see if Twitter/Elon puts $$ before his core mission
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