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Bear Markets.
They are a normal occurrence, every few years and will keep occurring.
They are also short lived, especially vs bull markets.
They decline lots, but eventually recover to go up even more.
Timing & missing the best days, is far worse than missing the worst days.
They are also painful initially, but with experience, it is often the best teacher to teach you how to keep playing the game.

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Yeah... I read myself this fairytale every evening after the market close.

JK 🤣

I agree with it, I am committed to staying invested during such a hard time, but it's sometimes challenging.
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Looking back at the historic data can be scary, but I also find it soothes me. Bears tend to last less than you think, and humans are great at picking themselves back up and moving on.
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Great, simple reminders.
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Every investors expects a bear market in the future but when it eventually comes, everyone acts surprised