Tired of EV startups having bad execution? Check out $NKLA
While many other EV makers say that they still need help sourcing materials to meet production targets, $NKLA said that it had “secured sufficient component supplies to meet its delivery target of between 300 and 500 Tre battery electric trucks this year.”

They delivered their first electric semi-truck in December 2021 and delivered 11 more trucks in April 2022.

Currently, they're looking to acquire Romeo Power as a way to reduce battery costs. For those wondering, Nikola was the largest customer of Romeo Power and because of this, Nikola felt that it was better to acquire the company altogether.

Even if the production and deliveries of Nikola aren't as impressive as $RIVN or $LCID, Nikola is in the game of producing massive electric semi trucks, not sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks.
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I will never get over them displaying one of their trucks “driving” down a hill.

Absolutely misled shareholders, not sure why you have “Socially Responsible” as a tag associated with this company.

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@dbudd regarding that issue, that and the other frauds and misleading stuff came from Milton. Since Milton left the company, the new management team has been focused on cleaning up the mess that Milton made and to revive the company and its image. Today's Nikola is different from the Nikola from the Trevor Milton time.
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@dissectmarkets fair enough. Glad they are taking ownership and addressing the issues that stemmed from him. I will probably pass, but that is good news for their investors.