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Robinhood Investor Index Launched
Robinhood offers a new index for its investors, which “tracks the performance of the top 100 owned investments on Robinhood”. Although a small sample size, the Robinhood Investor Index outpaced the NASDAQ for an extended period of time. However, this time period was fueled by the GameStop hype. Since then, the index is closely matching the NASDAQ.

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It will be interesting to see this index's performance over the long term since its top ten investments include meme stocks like AMC 9.36%↑, APE 5.20%↑, and GME 11.10%↑. I was going to calculate the index’s beta value, but there is not an available list of the 100 companies in the index (unless I am completely missing it). Although, I am confident in saying that the index will be for those who are risk-seeking. Are you interested in investing in this index?

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AMC, APE, GME… lol
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@investmenttalk the meme trinity!
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for my taste but would be cool to understand which demographic is most interested in this index.