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$20.7m follower assets
Feb review

2023 YTD performance
​Portfolio + 4.2%
S&P 500 + 3.8%
2022 Performance
Portfolio -11%
S&P 500 -19%
2021 Performance
Portfolio +30%
S&P 500 +26%
Buys: small buys to $VOO $BLD
Sells: none
VOO up 12% off lows. Sentiment is mixed. Continuing to build cash. Putting in high yield savings account (Ally 3.5%). Cash now 3.1% of portfolio value. Still considering using this for a real estate investment of some sort. I was asked to give an update on this process. So here goes.

So far spoke with the bank and I qualify for a loan at 7.25%. Will need 10% down. But I’d prefer to have 20%. Spoke with a realtor about what I’m looking for, single or multi-family property. Spoke with my CPA about setting up an LLC to place my real estate in.
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what do you like about $TREX
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But specifically their high ROI, it’s biggest competitor is trees, and the decade tailwind of people locked into a 3% mortgage who won’t/can’t move and instead build a deck or pool instead.
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Really like $ASML as a business, but I want to to come down in the valuation to more attractive levels. Seems a lot of the positive already priced in right now. Still again a GREAT business.
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@rihardjarc I know. You and I spoke about this in Oct. it briefly sold for a PE of 25 for a few hours. But I added heavily when it’s PE less than 30, making it my biggest holding
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@rpinvestments Yeah. Btw any thoughts about $AMAT's recent Sculpta the effects it might have on $ASML?
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Love to see that big VOO



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